About Us

TA'DAMAČ (pronounced Ta.Da.Mach) means ‘local to our region’ in our local Slovenian dialect.

The founders of Ta'Damač are local artists who travelled the world and discovered that food is a great way to connect and get to know a new place.  

From being huddled around a smokey fire in the high Himalaya drinking buffalo milk chai with rice farmers, to sweltering in the deserts of Africa sharing flat bread and beans with nomads, they learned food transcends language to connect with the culture, people and nature while travelling.

They invite you to directly experience the culture and landscape of their home through a delicious and hearty breakfast!  Try something different, be inspired and expand your senses, who knows you may even fall in love with a new flavour!




“Po zajtrku se dan pozna”
Your breakfast determines how your day will flow!