When visiting an online store and using the services of an online store, we collect and process your personal data, enabling you to know our offer, selection, purchase and delivery of goods and fast, pleasant and secure online service. Below we will inform you in an understandable and clear way about the system of collection, storage, use and dissemination of your personal data.

As a data controller, we pay special attention to the protection of the privacy of information and personal data obtained from users of the online store and additional data we obtain from customers. Personal data will be collected, processed and stored in accordance with the rules on the protection of personal data and these rules.

Your personal data, their collection and use represent an inseparable part of the Terms and Conditions of our online store and can only be fully interpreted in connection with it, so we recommend that you read it in full.

These privacy rules determine how KUD JAVK, Triglavska cesta 14, 4281 Mojstrana (‘the seller or operator’) obtains, stores and uses your personal data.

These privacy policies apply to:

  • use of our website (‘the website’),
  • reporting of news and our service offer,
  • information through our social channels and applications,
  • registration in an online store,
  • purchase of goods,
  • your use of any other, present or future, online or non-online service (all of the total from (1) – (5).

Please read these Privacy Policies carefully. We recommend that you properly save a copy of these Privacy Policies and any future versions that apply to your consent records that you have given us.


Personal data controller 

The personal data controller is KUD JAVKTriglavska cesta 14, 4281 Mojstrana.

In case of questions please contact us by email at or call us at +386 (0)40505548.


How do we obtain, use and otherwise process your personal data? 

We obtain your personal data when you provide it to us, for example through the use of online store services, directly by e-mail, telephone, in writing or through other forms of personal data transmission. When permitted or required by regulations, we may also obtain information about you from other sources.


We obtain information about you when: 

  • Register as a user
  • place an order,
  • Cancel your order
  • View our content
  • provide us with various questions, a request for a claim, return the product,
  • communicate with us via social media,
  • technical data is obtained automatically.


What types of personal data do we collect or obtain about you? 

You can use our services as:

  • unregistered guest user, in which case, with your consent, we will collect data through cookies when visiting our pages in order to ensure better functionality and user experience, security, counting the number of users on the site and ensuring the unsue operation of websites),
  • registered user member, buyer.

We collect several types of personal information about our registered users and customers:

  • Identity information: first name, surname, e-mail address and password that is encrypted and known only to the user (we will also not be known and disclosed),
    details of the representative of the legal person who placed the order on behalf of the legal person or made the purchase and other conduct in the context of the online store,
    contact details: e-mail address, delivery addresses, billing address and telephone number,
  • Financial information: We do not store your credit card information (we only provide this information to the issuer of your credit card, the same applies to other similar forms of payment online),
    Purchase and payment information: We store all information about your orders and payments, including information about cancellations, returns of orders (you can see and edit this information as part of your online store profile),
  • information tied to your use and profile: last tours of products, products in an unconqueal order, frequency of visits to individual departments, frequent purchases, communication with us,
    Technical data: IP addresses, operating system, browser, operating system, location of your device, device type to access our site, and so on, are also collected to ensure security and demonstrability.


How do cookies work in an online store? 

You can visit the online store without registering. Registration is only required if you use any service that needs login or subscribe to notification.

When visiting a website (even when visiting without reporting), the seller reserves the right to store information on the user’s device in the form of a cookie or similar file, which is intended to adapt the web portal to the wishes of users and to provide user-friendly web services. Their storage is under the full control of the user-used browser. The user may restrict or disable the storage of cookies if desired. You can read the cookie policy at the end of the year.


How do we use your data? 

We collect data on registered users and customers and purchases to ensure our legal obligations (for example, to keep your financial and book, execute your orders and deliver goods, to profile customers, to demonstrate the needs of each customer and to make more suitable offers, and to analyse business, plan, monitor statistics, customer and visitors’ behaviour and the like, using data, anonymised.

Questions you provide to us through contact forms or email addresses published on the website will be used exclusively to resolve the problem or prepare the answer to the question.

If you communicate with us through any social network, we will also be able to use your information to provide you with marketing messages via the same social network in accordance with the terms and permissions you have given to the social network manager.


For what purposes do we process and use personal data? 

We may use your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

  • In connection with your use of the Services.
  • Manage and improve our websites, including customising the user experience of our website. This is necessary for our legitimate interest to better understand the wishes of our users and potential customers and to adapt our websites, products and services according to your needs and preferences.
  • Online behavioural advertising (profiling). On some sites of our websites, we may use and/or allow third parties (advertising partners) to collect (through online monitoring tools such as cookies and other tracking and monitoring technologies) of personal data relating to your activities on these sites.
  • Protection of our business and our business interests, including the purpose of checking credit and past experience, preventing fraud and debt collection. This is necessary to protect our legitimate interests in preventing criminal activities, such as fraud or money laundering, to ensure that our website and services are not misused and that our business is protected. Such checks will only be carried out if the law allows us to do so.
  • Communication with our business advisers and legal representatives. This is necessary for our legitimate interests to obtain legal or professional business advice, and we will only provide your personal data, if necessary, to the minimum necessary and anonymised whenever possible.
  • Sharing personal data with third parties (hereinafter: our under processors) that are related to us in connection with our provision of services such as delivery services, our IT and infrastructure business partners, and advertising partners. This will be necessary for our legitimate interest in the efficient management and management of our business, for compliance with the legal obligations that bind us or for our own direct marketing purposes. When we share your personal data, we will do so consistently on the basis of the need to know, in accordance with the relevant confidentiality limits, on an anonymised basis, as far as possible, and only to the extent strictly necessary for any of these purposes.
  • Enforcing our legal rights and complying with laws, regulations and other legal requirements. This is necessary for our legitimate interest in protecting our business and exercising our contractual and other legal rights and for ensuring physical, network and information security and integrity. Additionally, this is necessary for our legitimate interest to ensure a secure IT system and networks, including backup and archiving, the prevention of malware, viruses, errors or other harmful codes, and the prevention of unauthorized access to our systems and any form of attacks or damage to our IT systems and networks.
  • With regard to disclosure requirements and in the case of sale or purchase of a business entity and/or assets, whether actual or potential. This is necessary for our legitimate interests of selling and/or ensuring and promoting the success of our business.
  • For statistical and research purposes. We will anonymise the data and use it for the legitimate interests of processing personal data for research purposes, including market research, better understanding of our customers and adapting our products and services to your needs.
  • For advertising purposes and with your consent for e-advertising purposes, we inform you about our services, news, event organisation and that we offer you our services and other forms of e-advertising.
  • When we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time by forwarding the request to the email address: . The effective date of such cancellation shall be 30 days from the date on which we received your request.


When is “legitimate interest” the legal basis for processing? 

The basis for the processing of data may also be the legitimate interest by which, as controller of personal data, we pursue the legitimate commercial interest of the seller or third parties. The controller will process personal data on the basis of legitimate interest only for the purposes specified in these Terms or other documents governing an individual contractual relationship.

When processing personal data on the basis of legitimate interest, we process only the data necessary to achieve the purpose and implement appropriate safeguards for the protection of personal data.


Who do we provide personal information to? 

In addition to us, our contractual partners and connected persons may also use your personal data, which we need to provide our services:

provide delivery services with the information they need for transport and placing the contract,
authorised institutions if required by law (court, …).

All partners who have access to personal data are obliged to handle personal data with care in accordance with the law. We only provide them with information that is necessary for the successful execution of the order, sales process or other activity. Under no circumstances will we share your information with unauthorized third parties.


How long do we process your personal data? 

The Seller will process your personal data to the extent necessary for the purposes for which the data are processed. We will only keep the data for as long as it takes to continue to fulfil our contractual and legal obligations or for our legitimate interests, when we have an obligation to continue to process your data for the record-keeping provided for by applicable tax and accounting law and when we have your consent for continued processing. Cookies and data contained in cookies are stored in accordance with the rules on the use of cookies.